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Jumat, 26 Februari 2010

twitter and TODAY IS KAI'S B'DAY!!

gmn kabar minnaa???
ahh blog ampe lumutan gini gara" kagak ada yang ngurus DX
aku lagi gila twitter XDDD
ahhhh anying!!! twitter seru BGT akhir" inih XDD
semua berkat KANON ama SIFA ama EMAK ama uzumakiyu etc etc etc etc
ihh seneng bgt dahh lo puna temen banyak gini!!
asik gitu jadinyaaaaaa x3

seperti yang tertulis di judulnyaa
aq bikin b'day card buat dy ^^

well...rencananya sihh tgl 28 mow ketemu minna.. tapi gag jadi T^T
soal.a dy ada mid term test DX
ga asik bgt sekola dy DX

Senin, 01 Februari 2010

1st date of my life

31st january 2009
WITHOUT asking permission to my parents I was going to mall all by my self just for meet my lovely koi...
hihihi i felt bad, actually... but, come on.... they WOULD NOT let me go if i told them I was about going for dating with my BF whom they don't even know xD

Hhe... It was nervous moment ne,,,
really... my hands was sweaty >.<

we didn't nothing but holding hand....
hm.... pretty innocence huh?
but... It's in the public space ne~
it's kind a amoral if you hugging or kissing ==a

well.... we were watching AVATAR
whoaaaaaa~ I didn't know why i felt nervous ne....
I kept moving my hand here and there...
i felt cold.. and then he held my hand >.< aw... that was so sweet baby....hhe....

Yay vo me!!

another ff minna~ tittle Kaichan ^^

Kaichan (One shoot!)
Author : Vee <3 <3 <3 She likes Kaichan’s smile so much ^^ (vee : Rukichaaaan, I’m not cheat baby, I just like him >o<)
Pairing : Please decide it YOURSELF. Maybe it’s ReixKai, maybe there is NO pairing in this story ^^ I’m even sure this is a yaoi ff -.-
Rate : PG-13
Genre : HUMOR!
Warning : Poor Kai-kun.
Summary : I REALLY wanted to pinch his cheeks and do something with his dimples!!!! I DID REALLY WANT IT!
PS : It’s Reita’s POV minna ^^

A heavenly-cute smile that always painted on his face makes cute dimples appear on the both sides of his cheeks.
His purity ALWAYS makes me want to…
Oh God… He’s so irresistible….

It was about six in the morning when that chibi -*cough* Ruki I mean- (he would angry if he had known I call him chibi again!) called me. He told me he had found a new drummer for our band. Oh, thanks God! I was really worried about it. Because, you know, using a supporting drummer wasn’t a nice thing ne…
Then he also told me that he wanted introduce him to us at Aoi-kun house this afternoon. I wonder what he would look like… He might be a fat long hair man… Or a pretty boy like Uruha… or just super-ordinary-look boy like my self… Wait a sec, I wasn’t usual…. I was AWESOME! Yeah!
“Minna, I want to introduce someone to you. He’s a drummer and he wants to join our band. His skill is pretty good. I’d admit it. There is no need to open a silly audition ne… I’ve saw his play yesterday and it was such a great play. So, if you guys agree he will be our new member and…” Ruki explained.
“Hey~ cut it off Ru! Just let him come in!” Uruha yelled impatiently.
Ruki send murderous-gaze at Uruha before he opened his mouth again.
“Hai’! Kai-kun… Please come in!”
Then, I saw a guy peeking from the door.
“Oh gosh! Come on Kai-kun! You don’t need to peek like that! Just come inside! None of us will bite you.” Ruki said.
“Or at least not this time.” Uruha added and then chuckled.
“Uru!” Aoi was glaring at Uruha and then in an instant Uruha shut his mouth.
And then, that guy step inside. My first impression of him? He was a child-look-like person. Somehow… He looked so innocence with his natural-black hair. He was wearing a pair of casual clothes. No piercing on his face. Just two little silver earring on both sides of his ear.
“Ano… Konbanwa minna-san. My name is Kai and I want to be your drummer.” He said as he bowed so low.
“Ah~ you don’t need to be that formal man~ All of us is a group of social riot anyway~ Hahahaha” Uruha patted his shoulder.
“Yeah~ He’s right.” I walked to his direction.
“Ruki has admitted your talent boy, so I don’t think we have a reason to refuse a nice guy like you!” Aoi smiled. Ha! A rare thing!!! I hope his smile wasn’t a double-intention smiled.
He rose up his head and then his eyes were widened as he smiled happily.
“Really??? I can join you guys??”
Then, I couldn’t remember what happen after it. Because MY BRAIN WAS DEAD!
I dropped my jaw about 5 centimeters when I saw his smile. Cute dimples were appeared on his cheeks. I covered up my mouth and felt my heart beat stopped for few seconds. Oh man…. Oh man… Oh man…..
I never had thought that KIND of man really exists in this world…..
This kind of man was….
Which I COULDN’T resist….
To…. Bully…
Oh God….. Why did you give us that kind of man as our drummer?
He was staring at me.
He kept staring at me.
Oh shit! Woke up Reita!
“Reichan, Are you okay?” He said as he moves aside his head.
WHAT? He just called me REICHAN, didn’t he? Well… That was… errr….
“I’m fine, Kai-kun. We should finish our meal and then go finish our shopping.” I muttered as I looked down, avoiding his stare.
“I think so.” He said and.. oh please don’t reveal that smiled.
GOD! He smiled again!
Oh no… I REALLY wanted to stretch face and do something with his dimples!!!! I DID REALLY WANT IT! But… Since I wasn’t his close friend -yet- It was a weird thing to do, right?
“Kai-kun… Would you…”
“What?” He ate his ice cream slowly. That made him looks more and more irresistible.
“No.. Nothing.” I was continuing my meal again.
Actually I wanted to say, ‘Kai-kun… Would you please stop smiling? It makes my heart stop beating!’. But then, I realized it was silly. Haha, thanks God my brain still worked properly!
“Umm…. Reichan, Do I annoy you or something? You don’t talk a lot to me, but I think you talked a lot when you were together with the others.”
HA! Reichan again. No body in this world called me REICHAN!
“It’s may be because we are new friends.” I answered.
“Oh! You right! We are so new to each other anyway.” He smiled again. Noooo~
“You like smiling a lot, don’t you?” I said that unconsciously.
“Ehh? Um.. Yeah I do. Smiling is my charm, people said. Look Reichan, I have dimples when I smile, aren’t they cute? My mother likes my dimples so much!” He smiled and point dimples on his cheek.
Your dimples were more than cute, dummy. They are hell unbearable. I wanted to jump off my seat and play with his face!
“Yeah…. You do look cute with those dimples on your face when you’re smiling.”
“Hehehehe I know, I know..” He ate his ice cream again.
Arghhh!! He was driving me insane if he kept smiling like that! Oh man! I thought I began to lil bit obsessed with his cheeks… *sigh*

“Minna!!” Kai shouted when he suddenly opened studio’s door. His face looked so anxious and panic.
“What’s wrong, Kaichan?” Aoi asked first.
“My… my cellphone is GONE!!” Kai said desperately.
“WHAT ?” Four of us said that word in almost same time.
“I’ve seek it in all over my house, but I couldn’t find it. I’ve asked my mom and my dad but they said they didn’t see it.”
“Oh…. Poor you Kai-kun…. Um… Maybe you left it when you ate or something?” Ruki said.
“Ate? Um… Maybe you left it at cafe where we ate yesterday? After we done with our lunch, we decided to not continue our shopping, and went back straight to our houses, didn’t we?” I explained.
“It might be right.” Uruha added.
“We could search it together if you want, Kaichan…” Ruki patted Kai’s shoulder to calm him down.
“Uh… Sankyuu minna-san. I don’t really know what I should do without it.” He bowed his head.
Oh poor kid…. I know I shouldn’t have evil thought about bullying him *sobs*.
“Excuse me, but, did this boy *pointed at Kai* left his cellphone here yesterday? His cellphone is gone to nowhere. We think he might be left it here.” I said to waiter who served us yesterday.
She shook her head.
“I’m so sorry sir. But I didn’t find any cellphone when I was cleaning your table, yesterday.”
“Are you sure?” Aoi asked.
“Yes, I’m pretty sure about it.”
“Okay, Sankyuu miss. Sorry if we bother you.” Ruki said as he gave a little bow to that waiter.

“Oh crap… It’s not there. Kaichan do you remember any other place where you might left you cellphone?” Uruha asked Kai when we went out from café.
“Ano…. Um…. “ Kai was trying his best to recall his memories.
We were waiting about 20 seconds until he said something.
“Ahh!! I remember it! Reita’s car! You drove me home yesterday, didn’t you Rei?”
“Yes, I did…”
Aoi, Uruha and Ruki looked at me.
“Okay. Let’s check up your car.” Ruki said.
“Sure.” I said. If we didn’t find it in my car, I don’t where the hell we should search it.
We arrived in my apartment about 10 minutes later. I didn’t drive my car to studio today. I rode my Harley ne.
“My car is up there. You guys can sit down here. I’ll search it my self. Okay?” I said.
“Can I go with you?” Kai said.
“There is no need Kai-kun. Just sit down here with us. Reita can search it himself.” Uruha said as he drank a bottle of beer that he just took from my refrigerator.
“Yeah, let him search it himself Kaichan. It’s his car afterall.” Aoi said.
“Er.. Okay, I’ll wait here.” Kai said. He didn’t smile today. Maybe God heard my wish yesterday… No… I felt bad now.. I shouldn’t make weird wish like that….

I opened my car and began to search Kai’s cellphone on every single corner of it.
Ah, I thought my hand touch something small but solid on the bottom of seat. Then, I took it.
It was Kai’s cellphone. A shiny silver clamshell cellphone. Hahaha, he really left it here! He had to be really happy if I told him I have found his cellphone. I couldn’t wait to know his reaction!

I entered my door and found all eyes stared at me.
“You found it?” Kai asked.
“I’m so sorry Kai-kun…. I found nothing…”
“Urgh… Okay then…” He folded his face. Aw aw he looked like a lil injured bird~ Kawaaaaaaaaaiiii~
“Haha, let me finish my sentence Kai-kun. I found nothing but this.” I handed the cellphone to him.
Once again, his eyes widened and a SUPER-EXCITED-FAINTED-DEADLY smile reveal from his lips.
“HYAA~ Sankyuu Reichan! Sankyuu!!” He took the cellphone and bowing endlessly to me.
Once again, my heart stopped beating for a second! Gah! I couldn’t resist it again!!
Then next thing I realized was, I was pinching his cheeks.
Gyaaa~ his skin felt so~ GOOD!!Sooooo damn smoooooth~
“Incredible! You are a perfect image of fairy I have imagining from kid! Cute dimples and soft skin! Kawaii~ Are you even a boy Kaichan???” I kept pinching his cheeks and nose.
“Aw~ Stop it Reichan. Stop it~”
Too late Kai-kun! You are too cute to waste~ Gyaa~ Kawaaaiii~
“Hey! Reita! Stop pinching him! I’m the one who have to do that first!” Ruki yelled.
“NO! It was me who has that idea first!” Uruha yelled back.
“But, I was the one who found him, remember?” Ruki yelled at Uruha.
“He has a very nice skin, hasn’t he??” Without everyone notice Aoi already touching Kai’s arm and play his fingers on it.
Uruha forgot his fight with Ruki and walked into Aoi’s place.
“Oh man~ He does have a nice skin like girl.” Uruha followed Aoi.
“What a soft hair... Do you give some hair-masker on it? You never dyed your hair, do you?” Ruki began to rub Kai’s hair.
“Hoe~ minna.. stop it…” Kai cried. But, no one notice. Oh poor him….. He just entered a wrong band I guess… Hahahaha *evil laugh*


Comments : Hyooo~ How do you think?? >.< This is my #1 none-pairing ff ^^ Hehehe I just want to make a complete-innocence fanfic ne… Thought bullying Kai wasn’t innocence xD He is soooooo cute~ TOTEMO KAWAII DESHOO~ *pinching Kai’s cheeks x3*