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Sabtu, 31 Oktober 2009

Shiawase <3 <3

Hyaaaaaaaaaaaahh vee seneng banget >>>___<<<
pertama kalinya dalam sejarah sma vee masup lima besar >0<
ehheeeem~ pertama - tama... *ini mo kondangan pa gmn sih???wkwkwkwk*
makasih buat Tuhan YME **harus ini mah!!!*
Buat nag gajed yang telah mengembangkan imajinasi saia...yang telah membuat saia menjadi fujoshi~
Buat aoi ma ruki... I LOPH YU BIBEH!!!MUACH MUACH MUACH MUACH!!!!>_<
Buat dolly ma uru, dua barang elektronik yang sellaluw menghibur saia...
buat mami beneran yang udah ngasi saia makan, buat papi beneran yang udah ngasih saia duit..hhu...
buat niichan yang udah rajin bgt nanya kabar ^^
buat mami hota ma jenk hunny kanon yang udah jadi cyber soulmate saia...
saia rasa cukup sekian..
ini tadi knp bisa jadi kek gini sih??
gag tau lahh XD
btw btw btw
mami hari minggu tanggal 1 november nui bisa ketemu ma niichan....
HYAAAAA vee jugak mow ikuuuuttt hhu....
tp mesti gag bole ma papi + mami beneran... hhu....
vee sedih....

Rabu, 28 Oktober 2009

Fanfic - I've got a boyfriend

Title : I’ve got a boyfriend!!!
Author : Vee, Erwin’s and Kai’s little bratty sister X3
Rate : PG-13
Genre : Fluff, Humor
Chara : The Gazette, main chara : Aoi.
Warning: Weird joke, yaoi, and bad English lol
PS : This is the 3rd sequel of my diary-series XD

This time is Aoi’s note ^^

24 October 2009
Minna-san please gather here~
I have a VERY IMPORTANT thing to tell you..
First. Please prepare you heart..
Make sure you don’t have any cardiac problem…
OK!! You guys ready??
Ruki is my new boyfriend. *low voice*
You want me to repeat again??
What?? You still confuse and wondering, does boyfriend here means BOY-FRIEND or LOVER??
Here… Boyfriend means lover, koibito, sweetheart, honey, baby, pacar, ai ren, etc..etc..etc..
Ok Ok…
If you are human, you can laugh as hard as you can, because as human I couldn’t hold my laugh xD
I mean~
Please~ I’ve been living for 30th year’s ne, and keep telling to my self to keep straight over and over again.
But and now I just said “Yeah~ Sure.” to that little chibi???
I mean THAT masochist-annoying-pervert chibi??

But, you can’t compare this ‘stupid-relationship-game’ with Uru’s serious confession. You really can’t.
Uru’s confession was so serious. I mean.. If I had accepted it, we would have become a ‘serious-couple’. You know what I mean??
Umm… the simplest way to explain is, it would become a real yaoi relationship.
And I’m so scared of it…. :’(

25 October 2009
Yay!!! I’M SO HAPPY!!
I never thought having a boyfriend would be this fun. xD
That lil Ru is so cute~
If he’s a girl, I’m so SURE I’ll marry him xD
Here~ I would love to show you our small dirty chat <3
Me : Konbanwa lil man~ Miss you so much dear xD.. Are you doing fine?
My dear : Konbanwa Aoi-chan~ I miss you too X3 I’m fine… My belly feel lil bit hurt. But I’ll survive.
Me : Ouwh poor you dear.. I can’t stand hear you suffering from something… Have you got dinner?
My dear : Oh come on~ you know I already have dinner… I should be the one who worrying about your eat-time. Have you got dinner?
Me : No, I haven’t… Too lazy too eat.
My dear : Stupid. Get something to eat!
Me : Too lazy to cook something..
My dear : Then order some ramen ne..
Me : Why don’t you come here and cook something for me?
My dear : Am I your mother?
Me : You are my lover.
My dear : What’s THAT!! Bwahahahaha so weird!!
Me : xDD I think so~
My dear : Then, don’t write it!
Me : Ah.. You hurt Aoi’s feeling….Hhu… Don’t you love me?
My dear : Don’t crying dear, you know I love you.
Me : Aoi stop crying because Ruki love him X)
My dear : xD This is getting weirder and weirder.
Me : xD Weird is good~ Ahhh….I’m so bored…. There is nothing to do…
My dear : You are boring. lol
Me : Watch you mouth chibi! Or I’ll kick your sexy ass tomorrow!!
My dear : Ohh~ Aoi gonna kick my ass! I’m so scared!!
Me : Just wait dear~ I’ll definitely kick your lil sexy ass!!
Of course I am. My eyes are so brilliant!!
My dear : I’ll wait passionately.
Me : Fufufufufu
My dear : See? You already have that pervy smile on your face~
Me : How do you know it?
My dear : I know it because you are a pervert man~
Me : You too!!
My dear : Actually ne, I’m just cute little man who traps in this pervert circle of life. *sobs* pity me….*sobs*
Me : Poor me, I have pity bf… *sobs*
My dear : Ouw.. I’m so sorry to hear that… Who is he?
Me : He is an idiot, bratty, and shopaholic guy named Ruki.
My dear : Ah~ I know that guy… He is the cutest member of gazette, isn’t he? So, he is your bf?
Me : No, he is my slave.
My dear : …………………………….. =.= I’ll count it in your debt book.
Me : Hey~ are you angry?
My dear : I don’t think I have to answer that stupid question.
Me : Oh dear… You know I didn’t mean..
My dear : Screw you.
Me : Cute~ cute Ru~
My dear : Yes, I’m cute. But I’m still mad.
Me : Oh come on….
My dear : Fuck you
Me : Don’t say such sad words Ru… :’(
My dear : Buy me some Happy Tan, and then I’ll forgive you.
Me : What is Happy Tan?
My dear : It’s a CANDY!!! Lollipop!! Don’t you know it?? Geez…=w=
Me : Oh right. You like to lick lollipop.. I forgot it.
My dear : That’s why I’m so good at kissing.
Me : *smirk* lol
My dear : I’m sleepy…
Me : You should go to bed lil man..
My dear : I think I should…
Me : Oyasumanasai lil man..
My dear : Oyasumanasai Aoi-chan
Me : Love you~
My dear : Love you too. And, don’t forget the Happy Tan!
Me : Okay~ and don’t forget to prepare your sexy ass coz I’ll kick it tomorrow xDD

See ne? It’s so funny right??
Of course I’ll buy him happy tan, If I’m not he will definitely mad at me.

25 October 2009
I got awkward situation ne…
I was shopping on mini market to buy some Happy Tan for that lil cute man. Then, when I want to paid it, the cashier had kinna soft expression on her face. Then she asked me, “Ooohh you are so sweet. You buy this for your child, aren’t you?”
I answer, “No, It’s for my friend”
Suddenly her expression changed to teasing expression. Then, she asked me again, “Oh, I got it. It’s for your girlfriend.”
“Actually, it’s for my boyfriend.” I was correcting her.
Then, she gave me an annoying knit. After that she didn’t ask me another question. From my point of view, I saw she was trying her best to not to look at me and work as fast as she could.
What’s wrong with her?
Was she annoyed or something?
But she was the one who gave me so many questions.
But when I told her it was for my boyfriend, she looked like she wants to puke or something!!
Is it wrong for you to buy some lollipop for your BOYfriend??
I don’t even know where the ‘wrong’ thing!!!
I swear I would not gonna come back to that damn mini market for the 2nd time!!

And for that lil man, he should appreciate those damn candies!!

Hi~ konbanwa ^^
Hehehehehe I love Happy Tan <3
Okay, I’ll tell you the story!

This afternoon I went to that lil man apartment. I was in bad mood and stupidly got angry with those candies.
Me : Here. Your candies.
Ru : Ehhhh?? You really buy it for me? Thanks!! I really need it.
Me : Lick it slowly. I make big sacrifice for it.
Ru : Uhm? What sacrifice?
Me : You don’t need to know.
Ru : Bad mood, huh?
Me : Yeah…
Ru : Come in, I just want to watch movie.
Then, I entered into his apartment. As usual, He took off my coat and took care of it.
Me : Your bed is still the center of your life. Amazing.
Ru : I love my bed.
Me : Too love it. You sleep there; eat there, online there… geez….
Ru : Hey.. What’s wrong? Your mood really bad…
Me : Nothing. I just think why this world fulfills with idiotic person.
Ru : Like me?
Me : No! You are a smart guy. May I sleep on your thigh?
Ru : Sure…
Me : I need some warmth…*sigh*
Ru : You are so weird tonight… What’s wrong?
Me : I don’t know... I just feel so angry and tired…
Ru : How’s Uru?
Me : He has a girlfriend, right?
Ru : Oh!! Is he?
Me : Hey~ He’s your band mate! You should know it from long time ago!
Ru : Poor you dear…
Me : It’s okay… I’m the one who want this btw..
Ru : Isn’t it denial?
Me : I don’t think so… I love him so much, I just want everything the best for him.. And I don’t think I’m the best for him… Ahh I don’t like to talk about this…
Ru : *sobs* you need some warm hug…
Then he hugged me.
Me : Thanks Ru…
Ru : Doita.. It’s nice to help you dear..
Me : I love you…
He knew I didn’t mean it, but he just give quick kiss at my cheek.
Ru : I love you too…

Sabtu, 17 Oktober 2009

fanfic - as adult

Tittle : As Adult
Pair : AoiUru….Not as couple…hhe..
Rate : PG-15
Genre : Humor, fluff.

Peace evening at Aoi’s apartment. Aoi writing something on his laptop while uru sit on bed.
Uru : What are you writing? You look happy.
Aoi : I’m writing something that you will die if you read it.
Uru : Hha… What’s that? Death Note?
Aoi : Yeaaaah… Some kind of like that…. I’ll be the shinigami.
Uru : Really ne~ I’m curiouuuuus~
Aoi : It’s private note ne, you can’t read someone private note.
Uru : At laptop???
Aoi : Yeah… Writing at diary is kind a…
Uru : Girly.
Aoi : Yeah.. You should try it. It’s fun. It feels like you have your own little world.
Uru : Hum? Is it helping you?
Aoi : A bit… Sometime.. There something that you can’t tell to everyone, even your dear lover or your friends, but you CAN say all-you-want-to-say in it. It feels good.
Uru : Sounds interesting…

September 28th
Hhe… Uru here~
This I my first note ^0^
Aoi said itz fun >_<>

PS : Well… Here,I can share my deepest weirdness, right??

September 30th
Urgh… My body is HURT!! Both outside and inside!!

He’s so cruel!! Damn!! I said to him to be soft, be bit gentle when he do it… But… It’s still felt damn HURT!!!
But how could I get mad at someone named RUKI??? That little cute annoying man is the only one who can make me stay at my bed while he waxes my thigh…
Yeah, He’s the only one who can wax me…

Inside : SHOCK!!!
Ruki-san ever said: “Don’t you EVER read an sex-warning fanfic. Especially when your name written on the pair list.”
I was ignored him, I was reading sex-warning fanfic where my name on it. The Result was… Man…. I’M SHOCKED!!! SHOCKED!!! SHOCKED!!
Their imagination is so high.. So scary… Very scary… +.+
I…. Can’t get it out of my head…
It was written, I’m biting Aoi’s…

But… SURELY it’s not AOI….
Urgh… What kind of face I should make when I meet him??????
I should call someone…
Yeah!! I’ll call him!!

Okay Okay~ I’m calmed now~
After LONG conversation with Reita, I decide to NOT TO THINK ABOUT IT.
Don’t think about it.
Don’t think about it.
Don’t think about it.
Don’t think about it.
Get out!! Weird imagination!! Get out of my head!!! Hush! Hush!!

Ah. Aoi is calling…Crap.
I cannot not to think about it….
So, I reject it.
Gomen nasai ne Aoi-kun….

PS : In that fanfic I’m a uke. HEY!!!I’M A DOMINATED MAN!!!TOT

October 1st
Like I’ve said yesterday, I don’t know what kind of face I should make when I meet Aoi… And... It happen today..
We had regular meeting in our company.
And of course, Aoi was also attending the meeting.
He’s asked why I was rejected his call, and I answered, I was busy making dinner.
Bad lie.
He was known I’m bad at cooking.
He gave me grin and said, “Come on Ru.. Since when you can cook?”
And I was freezing. I didn’t know what to answer. I’m bad at lying… One of my great weaknesses…
He didn’t say a word, but he was staring right into my eyes.
And it was made me remember that fanfic….
I was blushing and he was kept staring at me.
That was embarrassing part.
I swear I WILL NEVER EVER tell him about that fanfic.

I’ve apologized to Aoi.. For rejected his call and makin’ a bad lie.
He was just nodding and said “Okay.”
Geez… Can’t that guy has more expressive emotion?? Like,
“Other time… Please make a good lie.”
Or something that can make me smile and then clung on him without feeling guilty?
I love his mature and caring character, but sometime he’s too good.
You know what I mean?
He always plays ‘save’ all the time!!
Doesn’t he know that it’s boring?
I’d admit that I feel comfort whenever we have time together, but.. sometime our conversation can’t going well because he just answering with “Ummm…” or “Is that so?”

Ahh!! By the way,
He said I get more desirable in stage,
Wow! I make one step forward!!
Desirable….. What’s that mean? “Wanted” he mean?
Should I proud???
Uruha.. The desirable man…

October 2nd
I hate Reita!
Okay! I’m late!
I think he should be happy he has friend who very concern about ‘look’ like me!!
Is it wrong if I want to look good all the time?
What’s so wrong about long time of bathing and drying hair??
It just took ONE HOUR!!!
He’s my best friend… But I don’t like him when he begins to scolding at me!
What does he think he is? My mother?
Hell NO!!

I decide to confess.
To Aoi…
Damn.. Suddenly I feel…..
But.. He doesn’t have intention to confess first!!
I know we love each other
But, He always denies it whenever I give him a signal.
Baka hito…
I know it doesn’t right
Since we both work at the same band
And the MOST important thing
That’s doesn’t feel right at all.
Feel VERY wrong.
They say: Love is blind, but eyes aren’t blind.
Now, I know what it means
Eyes aren’t blind.
Love is blind.

October 3rd
I know it’s gonna end up like this.
I know it!
I was rejected.
But, this night is the BEST night in my life.

The night sky looked so clear when I was sitting down in park waiting for Aoi. I’ve thought about my confession again and again, “Is it right? He’s not gonna hate me, right?, Then… What should I say If he’s here? Should I say it straight or begin it with sweet talking?”
I was too busy with my self when suddenly I realized He was already standing in front of me. He was looked so handsome. My heart was bumping crazily like I would die in that second.
“You here…” I said
“What are you thinking about? You look so serious ne. It’s rare to see you in serious mood.” He said.
“I… was… thinking about………….stars?”
“It’s a question Ru.”
“Ah sorry, wrong intonation. I should say –stars.-”
“Hahahaha. What’s wrong? Is there something secret you want to tell me?”
Ah. He got right into the spot.
“How could you know? Don’t tell me you can read my mind.”
“No need to be a psychic to know it. You’re so easy to read. So, do you have a secret child then now you want to married his/her mom and out from the band?”
I’ve told you, He’s a BAKA.
“= . = You are baka. I don’t have secret child. Ahhhh, you are breaking my mood.”
“Do I? Hehehehe Lets take a walk. This night is too beautiful to waste just by sitting down at this lonely park.”
Then we were walking along the street. It was very quite so I could heard his heavy breath.
“It’s been 7 years since we first met. It’s been a long time, huh?” I said.
“Yeah… And amazingly I’m still not getting bored with you.”
“Hehehehe I’m Uruha!”
“You are Uruha. That’s right!”
“Now, tell me, what do you think about me?”
He was slowing his speed a bit.
“Uruha is…. someone who…..very attractive, talkative, moody, egoist, perfectionist, sometime weird *laugh*, and incredibly always able to make me shock with his reaction.”
“Hey hey, I’m not weird or moody!!”
“Yes you do honey~ Hahahahaha”
He was called me HONEY. He might be just joking, it was make me blushed.
“You just call me honey Aoi..”
“Eh?? Don’t take it serious. I’m joking ne.”
“Umm… Well…. Errrr…”
“Uru, don’t you have something that you want to tell me?”
“Oh, yeah I have.”
“What’s that?”
“I want to tell you something that you already realize it.”
“What? I already realize it?”
“Yeah, something that YOU should told me long time ago.”
He was stopped his move. We both didn’t say a word for a while; I thought he had realized where that conversation is going to.
“We should not talk about that.”
“I can’t resist it Aoi. I can’t pretend forever you know!!”
“I know it, but we shouldn’t.”
“I know it doesn’t right! But it’s so real Aoi! I….”
He was pressed his finger at my lips and said,
“I know what you want to say Uru… and… I feel the same.”
Ouwh God! Flowers were blooming at my heart!
“But… As adult I can’t accept it.”
And then the flowers were just witted.
“Then don’t be adult!!” I was yelled at him.
“That’s not the point Uru, You have no idea how much I…. love you… But, I won’t let you trap in that kind of life.”
“Damn bullshit! You’re coward!”
“I’m NOT a coward! Please understand my care Uru!! Please understand the way I love you.”
“But I CAN’T understand it Aoi! All I know, when two person falling in love they should be together! Having each other!!”
“Love is not always in THAT form. Now, answer me, this is the most basic question for human being, Don’t you want to have successors? Child I mean?”
I couldn’t say a word. His question felt slapped me.
“I DO Uru… and I know your deepest heart also want it. This is the reason why I never say that I love you. I want you to be free, have a normal life like you should.”
I was trying hard to accept all of his words. I was thinking so hard, about normal life, free, love.. Until I could accept that he was right.
Yes, I wanted successors who can continue my name.
Yes, I wanted normal life where I could kiss my lovers without get knit from everyone.
(because my lover is a girl not a guy like Aoi.)
Yes, I wanted it all.
But, I also wanted him…
Is it equal if I compare him with normal life?
It isn’t.
But, It was his decision and he had though all the best for me. Really ne, He is the best.
“You are the best Aoi.”
“Yeah. You are the best man in my life. You are the only one who can make me make biggest sacrifice in my life. No one but you.”
“So, you understand now…”
“Yes. But I want you do one thing for me.”
“Kiss me. Give me once-in-life-time kiss.”
For seconds he seemed out of space.
“Kiss Huh? Why not?”
Then he pulled my head and pressed his lips gently against mine.

That’s why I said this is the best night in my life.
Because that was TRULY once-in-life-time kiss.
It’s different from our fan service kiss or any other kiss I’ve done before.
It felt very sweet.
I never taste that sweet before.
He kissed me with style ne, very soft but hot.
And the excited feeling was like morphine.
Errr…. He seems like a tame-kitty but actually he’s a tiger ne XD

I’m not sure I could find someone who can give me comfort feeling like he does.
No matter what he told me, it won’t change my feeling.
Ahh… It’s confusing~ *sigh*

Dedicate to my beloved lovely mom, Chii. Love you mom ^^ Daddy is yours ^^ *throw daddy to mom*

Gazerock is never die...

ahhhh it's Boring,,,,

besop ulangan
besop ulangan

What I REALLY want to do ::
having fun with everyone
meet my hubbie XD
kissing my daddy uru
chatting on tweeter with NGESOTWALKER... ohh...I miss them so much!!
Walking having hand with **i* on the beach....*too high*
Writing fluffy fanfic that could make people who read it CRY...hhe... ama kai niichan >_<
wall-to-wall ama jenk kanon
go shopping with iza
talking-to-death with antnice
chating with my moms

Arrghhhh I want to do all of it X(

ohh btw... Do you guys love my header and footer??
I love it SO MUCH!!
isn't it cute??? lol

Selasa, 13 Oktober 2009

wanna see my hubbie without outfit T^T

walopun saga dah sering topless tp pan swami na vee yg laen lom pernah nyooo
sakito, lom pernh liad
rukichi lom pernah liad
hyaaaa pa lagi tora >3<
walopun tora lom RESMI jadi swami na vee tapi vee pan pengen bet liad dy topless...
higx higx...
btw kemaren vee d tag photo ero ma jenk hunny bunny KANON-chan XD
photonya SUMPAH ero abizzzzz wkwkwkwkwkwkwk

hyuuuuuu sekushi nyaaah diaaaaa XDXDXD
baju sobek2 na ntuuuu bikin pengen nge rape daaaahhh X3

hiaaaahh... vee gag percaya, masak ada temen na vee yang mow pindah ke denpasar..

nui piku na saga hunny ma aoi bibeh ^0^

Sabtu, 10 Oktober 2009


Gw lagi mengalami dilema yang dasyat bet =.=

1.should I change my blog skin? Vee sukak ma skin udah PASARAN...jadi rada males..hhu...

2. Pulse,cloth or shoes?

3. OL ato belajar?

4. Aoi ato Ruki?? Ahh~ inih mah dua2 na jugak HAYUK!!

Hyuuuuu binguuungg nyaaaa saiaaaaaa >0<

Dari pada binun mending vee liat PV na BID ajah >_<

rukichuuu imut nyak d BID >/////<
Btw minna... My problem with tralalalala is over. So nyappy ^^

Senin, 05 Oktober 2009

Fanfic - And,Yes I Like Him....

Title : And…Yes.I Like Him
Pairing : UruAoi…..not really….they just nakama…I think..XD
Rate : PG-13
Warning : Think positive LOL
Author : VEE!!!!Istri ruki yang paling sholeh!!!XD

20 September
I’m sitting ALONE in my hotel room.
Lemme confirm it again
Damn…This is boring…..
Bukannya gw ngarep dia temenin atau gimana, Tapi… Sepi juga kalau nggak ada tu anak. Nggak tau kenapa tadi dia mesan kamar sendiri waktu di resepsionis. Waktu gw tanya,
Gw : Heh??kita gag sekamar aja?
Uru : Males ah. *expresi nyebelin*
*sigh* yeaaaaah my room-buddy leave me…*sobs*
Emang gw ribet pa gimana sih? Emang gw kalo tidur ngorok? Dia pan dah sering banget tidur ma gw. Masa’ ya baru sekarang dia gag mau sekamar ma gw?
Tapi… masa’ gw nanya gini ke uru
Gw : eh Ru, lu kug gag mo sekamar lagi sih ma gw? Emang gw kalo tidur berisik?
And wanna confirm
I’m not gay or anything!

22 September
Itz midnight here ^ ^
And we just done another great live *laugh*
And another fanservice with my pair,Uru….
Fanservis itu 100% gw lakuin buat fans…Orang-orang yang udah selalu dukung gw ma band gw. But…still…..It feel bit….weird ne…
Coz in stage we did guitar-duet, hug even kissing. But…Abis live bubar. Udah deh. Ngomong ma gw aja keliatannya dia males.
Humft… bingung…
Salah gw apa sih??
Kenapa dia jaga jarak ma gw???

Kalo dipikir2….

Yeaah….Mungkin karena dia adalah orang paling gw pikirin dari mate gw yg laen. Sifatnya itu selalu gag bisa diduga, suka manja dan kadang nyebelin. Tapi gw kek na jadi attach banget ama dia. Ok man…. I am admiring him!!
He’s so different!!
I guess I will never meet anyone like him again LOL

23 September
Gw capek setengah mati!
Gelaaaaaa Ruki belanja BANYAK BANGET!!!!!
Pegel kaki gw….*sobs*

Ah!!!Ternyata gag cuma gw yang ngrasa Uru ngejauhin gw, ruki juga ngrasa gitu!
Ruki : Lo da masalah ya ma uru? *dia ngomong sambil pilih2 jam*
Gw : Hah? Emang keliatan ya?
Ruki : Banget!! Kalian gak semesra dulu
Aoi : Mesra pala lu!! Auk ah. Rese lu
Ruki : Ehhh~ gag percaya! Beneran! Lu berdua gag mesra!
Aoi : Masa’ sih?
Ruki : Iah. Lu apain dia? Kok jadi dingin gitu?
Aoi : Gw juga bingung…Sebenernya salah gw dmn sih ruk? Apa gw kurang care? Perasaan gw dah care bgt ma dia. Kalo maen ke rumah gw, gw masakin, kalo jalan gw bayarin. Seumur idup aja dy cm pernah beliin gw jupon. Sekarang dia marah. Salah apa sih gw Ruk?
Ruki : Ahh..mungkin dia lagi siklus bulanan ajah
Aoi : Lu kata Uru cewe?
Ruki : Sifatnya dah mirip gitu.
Aoi : Iah. Cewe bgt sifatnya! Stress gw..
Ruki : Putus ajahh
Aoi : NANI?? Emang gw jadian? Sarap lu!
Ruki : Halah…Ngaku napa.. Ma gw inih…
Aoi : Yieks…You are gayest man I’ve ever know!
Ruki : Oh!!gw tau kenapa uru ngejauhin lu!
Aoi : Huh??Kenapa kenapa?
Aoi : Ruki….udah gw bilang….kita GAG JADIAN!!!
Ruki : Gw gag bilang gitu, tapi mungkin ja dia dah males ma elo! Secara kadang lo ntu aneh, sok serius, sok kerja keras tralalalalala mana ada orang yang suka di gituin klo lagi deket?
Aoi : Ngaruh ya?
Ruki : Iah!!Ngaruh bgt!!!
Aoi : Umm..
Ruki : Eh Aoi, kalo Uru dah gag mow lagi ma elu, Gw mow kok gantiin dia jadi pair lo
Aoi : =.= auk ah Ruk..

Ruki is gayer!!!
Tapi…..’INTEREST’ ntu sebenernya kata yang tepat bukan sih buat nanya ma temen??

24 september
hmmft…. Knapa sih gw suka jaga omongan kalo d depan anak2?
Mereka pan udah kek sodara gw ndiri…
Terutama di depan uru.
This is NOT fair!!
It seems like everyone is having fun and I’m NOT
Cuma perasaan gw aja ato emang uru lebih banyak ketawa kalo sama anak2 d banding ama gw..
Emang gw ngebosenin?
Gw pan juga pengen deket….

26 September
Otak gw lagi gag beres… Gw tadi siang di base camp dengerin lagu lamaaaaaanya vidoll yang bluestar ntuu loh..
“I’m happy to meet you~ You are my DESTINY~”
Tiba – tiba uru lirik gw…
Geje bgt dah lirikannya, gw jadi panas dingin…
Gw lirik balik anaknya malah melengos..
Sapa yang lirik sapa yang melengos???Heran gw…

Emang gw happy ketemu uru?
Answer :: IAH
Emang dia DESTINY gw?
Answer :: gw masi pengen punya anak..hhu….what happen to me?

Dan kek na member laen juga dah pada ngeh uru lagi nyuekin gw
Biz uru cabut duluan mereka kek ngerumunin gw gitu.
Ihh gag maksud bgt pokoknya!

Kai : Gw dah denger dari Ruki…
*DEG!!!!* FIRASAT JELEK!!! Gw lirik Ruki, alaamaaaak ekspresi bocah ntu malah sok ikutan serius!!! Pengen gw cekek rasanya!!!
Gw : Errr.. Soal apa sih Kai? Kok muka kalian serius gitu
Reita : Udahlah Aoi…. Kemaren Gw, Kai ma RUKI dah chat masalah ini habis – habisan di YM… dan sekarang waktunya kita omongin ama lo.
DAMMIT!! Leason I’ve learned : DON’T TRUST RUKI!!
Gw : Yahhhh….
Kai : Kami tau kok kamu engga gay
Gw : Gw kan emang normal.
Ruki : Tapi kami juga tau kamu suka ma Uru.
Gw : *speechless*
Reita : Gmn ya …Sebenernya kami rada bingung juga… Tapi kira – kira gitu kesimpulannya. Kamu gag yaoi tapi kamu suka Uru.. Padahal Uru ntu COWO. Gag tulen2 amat sih… Tapi pan diitung cowo juga..
Kai : Aduh.. kasian bgt ni bocah… Minna… dia dah kek kepiting rebus!! Kek na gag usah di terusin deh… Udahlah biar dia yang pikir sendiri masalahnya..
Ruki : Ampe kapan?? Ampe dia tua? Dia tuh begok Kai!! Gag bakal sadar kalo gag di kasi tau!!
Gw : H..Hey~ Gw disini!!Jgn ngomong kek gw gag ada dong… Errr… mungkin bener juga kata kalian…*sigh* mungkin bener gw suka ma Uru… Gw akuin kok..
Reita : Sukur deh..
Ruki : Lo sadar gag sih Uru juga SUKA ma elo?
Kai : RUKI!!!!Lo mau bunuh Aoi???

Lo tau gw kemana waktu Ruki bilang gitu???
Ketempat aneh dimana ada banyak terompet dan seluruuuuuuuuh terompet itu bunyi *TOEETTTT* dan semua cheerleader bilang *YAY!!! LONG LIVE AOI!!!YAY!!!*
Udah gw bilang…. Otak gw lagi rada gag beres….

Gw : Maksud lo???
Ruki : Ya mpon…. Lo tuh dah di lirik geje gitu masa’ masih gag nyadar sih?
Kai : Bentar guys… gw rasa itu masalah Aoi, kita gag bole ikut campur terlalu jauh.
Kai looked like an angel that time…
Kai : Aoi… Gw gag peduli lo ma Uru mau diem2an ato lirik2an ato marah2an ato apalah… Tapi kalo itu dah ampe bikin mood ngeband kita jadi berantakan, gw juga gag bisa diem… Gw rasa lo tuh harus ngomong face-to-face langsung ma Uru. Gw tau lo orangnya clumsy klo ngomong serius dikit… Tapi please…
Reita : Gw setuju ma Kai. Ayolah Aoi… Ngomong “ Ngapain-lo-marah-ma-gw” ntu gag sesusah yg lo kira kok!
Ruki : Kalo gw jadi lo gw dah damprat si Uru dari dulu! Ahh dudul lo!
Gw : Gw….Coba…

Hai’ Hai’…
Gmn nih sekarang?
Soalnya muka gw suka aneh gag jelas kalo ngomong ama orang…
Help meeeeee T0T


27 September
This is the DAY!! Uhhhhhh…..My heart beating bit faster than usual…. GW GAG BISA TENANG!!!Fiuuhhh~ tenang aoi…Tenangg~ Yang mo lo hadapin tu URU bukan guru fisika lo jaman SMA…
Tapi…Uru lebih serem dari guru fisika gw…Uhhh….Nggak, nggak… gw gag bisa… Ntar kalo dia malah lebih jauh dari gw gmn???
Urgh!!! Come on Aoi!! Kamu BISA!!!Kamu BISA!!! Kamu tu gag mo confess!! Cuma mo nanya doang!! Nothing more!!! Yeah!! You CAN do it!!! YEAH!!!
Semua dah pulang, tinggal Uru ama Gw yang packing terakhir. Urgh, hell yeah, my change…
Gw : Uru… Lo pulang naek apa?
Uru : Naek mobil lah!
Diem lagi… Ampe ternyata kita dah selese packing.
Uru : Duluan.
Dia dah jalan. HEY!!!AOI SADAR!!
Aoi : Errrrrr…. Tunggu bentar Ru!
Uru : *sigh* What?
Aoi : Gw…. Gw mo ngomong ama lo
Uru : Say it. Quickly, Gw laper.
Aoi : Kenapa sih kamu gitu banget ke aku
Uru : Sejak kapan kita ngomong pake aku-kamu?
Aoi : Errr…. Aren’t we used it all the time?
Uru : Yeah.. In the past.
Aoi : You are different.
Uru : Hah? Masa’ sih? Biasa aja kali’. Lo nya aja yang berlebihan.
Aoi : Ie, aku nggak berlebihan. Tapi emang kamu berubah Ru.
Uru : Aku nggak berubah!!
Aoi : Kalo kamu nggak berubah, kenapa kamu jauh dari aku? Apa aku kurang care? Aku kurang apa ke kamu?
Uru : It’s not it Aoi, you are the most caring person I’ve ever met.
Aoi : Terus? Kenapa kamu tiba – tiba ngejauhin aku? Like I didn’t exist in this world?
Uru : Uhhhh…. Karena….
Aoi : Jawab dong Ru!! Kita tu dulu deket banget. Tapi aku nggak ngerti kenapa kamu tiba – tiba jaga jarak ma aku. Kalo sikap kamu gini terus, aku juga bisa capek…
Uru : Udah ah! Aku nggak mau bahas ini!
Uru balikin badannya, tapi gw pegang tangan Uru.
Aoi : URU!! Jangan lari dari masalah.
Uru : Gw… gw… Gw cuma nggak mau orang salah paham.
Aoi : Maksud kamu? Really ne, I don’t get it.
Uru : Masa’ kamu nggak sadar sih? Kalo kita jalan, orang – orang tuh ngelirik kita kek kita itu lovers ato apa gitu. Apa kamu nggak tau orang di luar sana suka pairing’in kita? Aku nggak mau orang – orang punya pikiran negative ke aku.
Aoi : CUMA gara – gara hal bego kaek gitu kamu jauh dari aku?
Uru : Itu bukan cuma Aoi… Itu penting.
Aoi : Sekarang liat gw. Jawab, apa lo nggak suka jalan bareng gw? Lo nggak suka ama obrolan kita? Apa lo nggak suka ngabisin waktu lo ama gw?
Uru : Gw…. Suka… Tapi…
Aoi : Fuck off with people Ru!! Mereka tuh nggak ngasih happiness apa – apa ke kamu. Aku ngasih!!
Uru :Aku tau…
Aoi : Jadi? Kamu masih mau terus jauh dari aku? CUMA buat pikiran orang lain yang bahkan kamu nggak kenal? Kamu mau ngorbanin aku cuma buat nama baik kamu?
Uru : Urgh…. Okay Okay… Aku minta maaf… Aku salah…
Aoi : Yeah!! Kamu emang SALAH!! SALAH BANGET!!SALAH banget kamu dah bikin aku jadi kek orang gila!!
We both stay quite for a while. I take a deep breath. Very deep breath. Tanpa gw sadar kek na gw dah ngeluarin SEMUA emosi yang gw simpen. It’s….. feel…good.
Uru : Gmn biar kamu maafin aku?
Ohhh GOD! He give me his “puppy eyes” technique. It always beat me up.
Aoi : Ummm… Temenin makan?
Uru : Ok….But…..I’m broke …
Aoi : *sigh* I’ll pay for it…
Uru : Thatz my Aoi!!!
Then uru lay his arm around my neck… Is it count as hug?

28 September
Uru emang nginep disini, dan gw seneng bgt dia bisa dateng.
Dingin tau tidur di sofa!!!
Dia bilang dengan muka sok imut
“Ne,Aoi…Aku cape….”
Dan semenit kemudian dia dah tidur di RANJANG GW tanpa nyisain ruang SEDIKIT PUN buat gw!!!

Early morning,29 September
Oh man…..
Uru looks sooooooooooooooooooo cute while he sleeping!!
Itz lovely to see him rowing at my bed…
Lovely boy…
I shall not bother him.. Let him have good dream…about me? Hell yeah!!

PS : minnaaaaaaa setelah seret ide akhirnya ff na vee kelar jugak ^0^ Vee nggak tau FF na vee nui genre na apa… Fluffy engga, romance dikit, humft…. Jadi terserah minna mow anggep nui FF apah ^ ^