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Sabtu, 26 Desember 2009

Boys night

PS : this is just pointless fanfic about what kind of night Ruki and Aoi might have~ Hahaha No hentai. Promise xD

Aoi sat down at his sofa. He was just spacing out. His apartment was so quite. Like there was no sound of life sign except Aoi himself.

‘Boring…..’ He thought.

Then, Aoi took a look at his cell phone. It was just took a seconds until he made decision to call one of his best friends.

“Moshi – moshi” Someone said from another side.

“Konbanwa lil man.”

“Konbanwa Aoi-chan~” Ruki answered with sweet tone.

“May I sleep at you house?”

“What? Having fight with that person?”

“No, we haven’t.”

“Oh come on~”

“Reaaaaally ne~ he just slept at my house last night, the night before it, and the night before the night before, and also the night before….”

“Ah, I get it. You haven’t any fight. But, now you guys live together. I get it, I get it”

“No! Who say that? He just… often sleeps here.”

“Toooooo often.”

“Not THAT often.”

“Hai’ hai’, just 5 times a week. Hell yeah. Not often. Right.”

“You little brat...”

“Okay~ not gonna talk about that~ Promise. Hahahahaha”

“By the way~ I miss you.”

“We just met, didn’t we? And, you don’t have plan to cheat, right?”

“Aa, Lil Aoi doesn’t understand what cheat mean. What’s that mean?”

“Cheat means….. Cheat means cheat!”

“That’s not solving any problems~ if cheat means ‘cheat’, so, what’s the ‘cheat’ means?”

“Let’s ask to wikipedia-san!”

“Poor wikipedia-san. He’ll busy just because there two stupid guys who don’t know what cheat means.”

“Poor wikipedia-san. I’ll donate for him. Poor him….”

“Hahahahaha yea, yea, we should donate for him, we’ve troubled him a lot.”

“Hahahaha you right.”

“Oh! I have better idea than wasting night at your lil house! What about going out?”

“Going out?”

“Let’s have some boy’s night.”

“Boy’s night means food, beer and club! I like it!! Let’s go!! Pick me up!”

“I didn’t say beer~ You aren’t allowed to..”

“Oh right, erase the beer part, change it into cassis.”


“Pick me up~ pick me~”

“Hai’ hai’. See you soon~” Aoi said then he hang up the phone.


Aoi stand up in front of Ruki’s door. He had ringed the bell twice before Ruki came out.

“Let’s go. Don’t forget to bring your wallet.”

“I’m not a kid.”

“Seems like~”

“So, take a walk or drive car?”

“Let’s take a walk.”

“More romantic?”

“You say that~”

Then they walked put of the apartment. They left their cars safely in park. That night was a Monday night, so the street was not so busy.

“Hey, look, there’s a dog over there.” Aoi pointed his finger into lil brown local dog.


“Let’s follow him.”

“Ha? Following a dog? Where do you get that idea?”

“I ever read manga, in that manga the main character and her date following a lil doggy and they end up in love hotel.”

Ruki lift his one of his eyebrows.

“So, what’s the point? Love hotel?”

“No~ I’m just curious. I wanna try following dog too.”

“Okay~ let’s follow him.”

They walked slowly to follow that lil dog.

“I never have been here before.” Ruki said while looking around.

“Me too.”

“Are we too busy with our life until we never really know Tokyo?”

“Maybe…. Hey the dog is entering that building!”

They increase their speed a bit and rose up their head to saw what kind of building it was.


“Manga tells the truth.”

“I couldn’t believe my eyes. The doggy really leads us into love hotel. Wow…..”

The building was a pretty big building. There were soooo many red lamps. It was just even looked clearer that it was a love hotel, because there was a huge banner in front of it, it was wrote,

“Rest 3.500 yen, overnight 6000 yen.” Ruki read it a loud.

“Expensive ne.”

“Not really~”

“What kind of people you think may enter this building?”

“Some jerk-ass, whore, maybe middle-age man who cheats from his wife, the doggy and the owner of course.”

“Also the receptionist.”

“Yeah~ But, will you?”

“I’m not that kind of man….”

“Hahahaha good boy….” Ruki patted Aoi’s head.

“Feel’s like I’m treat as Sachan.”

“You are my second Sachan ^^”

“And also your girl.”

“Right,you are my girl and my second sachan. Sounds good, huh?”

“Sounds uke.’

“Hahahaha baka.”

“Hey Ru, my eyes just blur or I do see your ex-girl? Nami, remember?”

“WHAT?” Ruki was taken by surprise.

“Look! She’s over there! She’s walking with young smart-look boy.”

“But… Nami wasn’t….that kind of girl……” Ruki felt butterfly-sensation in his stomach.

“She’s walking into our direction ne.” Aoi said in low tone.

Then, the girl and her couple were walking and finally arrive in Ruki’s and Aoi’s position.

“Eh? Ruki-san?” Nami said.

Ruki rolled his eyes. Then he realized where he was. And with whom he was holding hand. Then, with reflex he let go of his hand from Aoi’s.

“Ano… Nami-san ne…. Umm…. How are you?”

“I’m fine. And he is your…”

“Oh, he’s not my boyfriend.”

“We have broken up.” Aoi said without even thinking twice.

Nami and her boyfriend knitted their eyebrows.

“He means, we are not gonna enter this… you know…. Love hotel.. we aren’t..err…” Ruki said.

“Yeah~ We were just… err.. following a doggy and then… heren we are..”

It was seem like Nami lost her word (so her boy). The atmosphere was really awkward. No one talk or even open their mouth for a moment.

“Actually ne, its okay Ruki-san… If you guys… er… couple…. As your friend, I hope you always be happy.” Nami said breaking the silent.

“Yeah…” Nami’s boy said.

It was looks clear that Nami and her boy force their lips to smile and it was creepy.

“Ahh, we have another thing to do, haven’t we Ruki?” Aoi said.

“Oh, yes, we have. So….. See you later Nami and..”


“Nami and Taka.”

“Yeah.. see you later…”

Aoi and Ruki gave them a little bow and then walked as fast as possible.


“Tell me, who’s gonna believe TWO ADULT man walking to follow a dog?” Ruki shouted.

“I hope they did.”

“You are a BAD liar. Why don’t you just tell them we get lost or something?”

“Get lost? In Tokyo? You? Oh please.”

“But… following a dog is even more moron!”

“It makes sense!”



“Hell no!”

“What should I say then?” Aoi said in high mad tone.

Ruki wanted to talk back. But, he known it would just make everything get worse.



“Don’t let that weird meeting with my ex mess up our night.”


Once again, Aoi hold Ruki’s hand. Then, they just walked around with no direction.

“What about eat ramen?” Ruki said.

“Last time we walked around like this, we already eat ramen. What about curry?”

“Curry is spicy. The pepper…”

“Spicy thing could makes you grow taller, you know?”

“I’m not gonna trap into same hole again! You also said that to me when I told you I didn’t want to eat spicy Chinese noodle, and then, that god-damned food just burning my tongue like hell!”

“Hahahaha, really ne? You didn’t look like burning.”

“I hide it very well! It would be embarrassed if someone who soooo cute like me said ‘haaahh~ haaaah~’ “

“You would be even cuter if you said ‘haaah~ haaah~’, kawaii ne~”

Ruki pouted his lips in reaction of his disagree.

“Okay~ lil man~ Stop pouting your lips, let’s eat some ramen!”

“Sankyuu~ you are the best Aoi!”

“I’ve heard that a lot.”

“And so narcissism.”

“Ah, you are the first man who said that!”

“They just don’t realize~”



“Let’s eaaaat~” Ruki said happily. There was huge bowl of ramen in front of him.

“Let’s eat” Aoi said in usual tone and eat his ramen calmly.

“This ramen tastes soooo good, doesn’t it?”

“Yea… But, I hope everyone can join us, now..”

“Yea~ then we will destroy this place with our massive laugh. Hahaha”


Then, they were eating in silent for a few second. But, you know. Ruki couldn’t keep his mouth shut for a long time.

“Ne, Aoi, Um… I want to have a lover…”

“So? Just find someone, then confess bla..bla..bla…”

“But, do you think I really need one?”

“Hm? Why do you ask me?”

“Nothing…. Just want to hear you opinion…”

“Umm…. Sometime, it’s much better being a single.”


“You know, I’m a lazy guy. I just want spent my morning with rowing around in my bed. Just me, my bed and my netbook, no one shout asking stupid thing like, ‘where’s my towel?’ or ‘may I use your teeth brush’. For the God sake, it’s damn fucking annoying.”

“Oh, I was brother you?”

“Honestly, yes, you did.”

“I’m so sorry, really ne.”


“But, being single is… lonely…”

“But, you have us, right? We’ll always there for you.”


“Of course it’s ALWAYS.”

“You know, when the night comes, and I just watching TV with my dog, I feel so lonely, I want to come to your apartment, but…”


“When I asking you, are you alone, you always say, ‘No, Uruha is with me’.”

“Hey~ you can join us~ we all nakama, right?”

“I ALWAYS want to join you. But, few weeks ago, He just told me a REAL frighten thing, he told me, ‘You know Ruki, I REALLY hate someone who bother me when I have time with THE ONE I love’, he said it with a murderous gaze. It was scared the hell out of me.”

“No way~ He said that? Really?”

“Don’t you ever tell him I told you about this!”

“He DOES scary in some way…==a”

“He is the devil of Gazette… His gaze is a gaze that belong to king of devil”

“Yeah~ His murderous gaze always scared off me. It makes me do what ever he wants. Super scary.”

“Hahahahaha we are bad mouthing him…”

“But, it’s fact.”

“Hahahahaha but, badmouth is badmouth.”

“Oh, who cares?”

“After all, you stay with him.”

“Yea…But, I don’t know, Is he a curse or gift.”



“Umm, do you remember an old interview when you said, ‘his eyes are sparkling’ ?”

“Aaaaaaaa, don’t talk about that..” Aoi’s cheek was begun to blush.

“It was a personal interview and you keep mumbling about him. Bwahahahahaha my stomach was hurt ne, I was laughing so hard. And for the whole week you two were avoiding each other. Fufufufu funny! ‘His eyes are sparkling’ Hahahahaha.”

“But but, his eyes are sparkling aren’t they?”

“Hell yeah.”

Aoi was continuing his meal with blush n his cheek.

“We had so much fun back then.” Ruki said in deep tone.

“We also have now.”

“Yea… but everyone already got their love. Accept me.”

“Don’t say that…”


“Hey, lil man… From what I’ve been through, I learn something which is very important.”


“Love isn’t everything ne. How to say it… Hm…. Just don’t really think about it. Having fun is much more important than thinking about love. Just… enjoy your life.”

“Even without lover?”

“Lover isn’t someone that you search. Lover is someone that you found. Just, BUM, you are in love and then, ta~da~ couple~. It just that simple~”

“Hahaha you right~”

“And even now, I don’t really hell know why I COULD in love with guy. It just…. Doesn’t make any sense.”

“I don’t know either. How could I just confess to you back then?”

“Ask yourself.”

“But, we had a great time, didn’t we?”

“Yeah… It was so funny and happy.”

“I don’t have any bad memory about us…”

“We never have fight ne…. All we did is…”

“Making joke, licking happy tan, and what else?”




“Is sleeping can count? We were sleeping a lot ne.”

“Ahh…Sleeping then.”

“That was a lot of thing.”

Then, they were sighing deeply. For unknown reason.

“Who’s gonna pay for this?” Ruki asked.

“YOU do.”

“No! You do!”

“No! You are younger than me. So, you DO.”

“Okay then… But, don’t blame me if our band savings is decrease…”

“O’right. I’ll pay for this….”

“Good boy.”

“I wonder why I always be THE ONE who has to pay whenever I go out with someone.”

“Because, you look like a rich man.”

“Haha, funny.” Aoi said in sarcasm tone.

After done eating his ramen, Aoi took his bottle beer and drunk it slowly. In other side Ruki was staring at Aoi’s beer. Staring…. Staring…. Staring… Until Aoi said,

“Ruki…. Would you please stop staring at my beer?”

“Oh.. sorry… “ Ruki stopped his stare for a seconds, but when Aoi begun to drunk his beer again, He begun to stare again.

He watched how the beer spilled into Aoi’s lips and how the liquid flow trough Aoi’s throat… It looked so tempting… Without he realized Ruki gulped.

“Oh come on lil man…..”

“I’m sorry ne.. It looks soooooo tempting. Can I drink it too? At last just one gulp? Onegai?” Ruki said with his maximum puppy-eyes stare.

“HELL NO! Even if you give me your super-adorable smile, I WOULD NEVER LET YOU DRINK BEER AGAIN!”

“You aren’t fun~”

“Hey~ who’s gonna suffer if his intestines hurt?”

Ruki crossed his arms and pouted.

“Okay~ okay~ I’m not drinking beer again. Satisfy Mr. Matsumoto?”

“That’s fair enough.” Ruki still pouted his lips. Actually, he was hope that Aoi won’t gave up his beer and let him drunk together with Aoi.

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